About & Guide to Abbreviations

Abbreviations I Use

C is for Carbs, P is for Protein, F is for Fat.

GF Gluten Free (GF? = Easily made GF)

SF Soy Free (SF? = Easily made SF)

> more than

< less than

tbsp tablespoon (actually, a dessert spoon) = 2 teaspoons

tsp teaspoon

Who am I?

My name is Gulliver, but you may call me Gug. I enjoy cooking and am doing this as part of a campaign to lose a little fat, so high-protein, lower carbohydrate recipes seem to be a good way to go. I though, as I’m cooking them for myself, I might as well share the endeavour. Have fun!


One response

  1. HI there! This is Deborah, a.k.a. GlitzyGal, or GG for short. Checked out your blog today … very nice! Love your enthusiasm with cooking and food … keep up the super job! : )

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