A Tenner A Week

The Challenge

2017 is almost upon us, so here’s the preliminary before it happens.

I’m setting myself a challenge.

I will spend no more than ten pounds a week on food.

The Reasons

My food store cupboard is full of stuff. Like, really full. I have lentils, split peas, flour, potatoes, pasta, cans and onions and all kinds of stuff that I sort of use but not really.

Also, it’s fun. I enjoy challenges.

The Rules

  1. I have a Monday-Sunday £10 a week food budget.
  2. Overspends must be declared and justified.
  3. The money is for my food and drink only. This means:
    1. My pets, boyfriend and any guests can be accounted for separately. If I make something and share it, it counts unless I can justify it. Special occasions etc.
    2. Food and drink are counted. Clothes, glitter, fuel, bills, novelty moustaches etc are not counted.
  4. Store-cupboard stuff is fair game. Waste not, want not.
  5. I must check in on my blog once or twice a week.
  6. I will keep a food diary throughout.

The End

I’m not really good at these about-nothing posts. See y’all in a week.